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Post-Workout Stretching- In Your Hot Tub

Many People skip stretching after exercising- I mean, in the name of saving time how important is it really?  Let’s look.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion with post exercise stretching.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion with post exercise stretching.

Increasing Flexibility

During a strength training workout our muscles contract & small tears occur in the muscle fibers. When we rest, the fibers rebuild forming a stronger muscle. When we stretch after exercise, we lengthen the muscle over time to adapt to the increased demand. This lengthened muscle will give us more freedom of movement and optimizes our flexibility. If we leave the muscle in a shortened state, it will heal in a shortened state resulting in a bulky but less usable, constricted muscle. The goal is a flexible strength!

Increasing Range of Motion

As we age we become stiffer, less mobile, more prone to injury. Stretching after a workout can counteract this by increasing our range of motion. A good example is our shoulders, one of the most complex joints in the human body. Think: Use it or Loose it! If  our shoulders are not stretched regularly- in all  4 directions- we loose the joints ability to perform optimally. When we are tight and restricted, we feel less likely to even want to move- spiraling downward to even less movement.

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Back Pain Quiz-Test Your Knowledge & How a Hot Tub Can Help

Back Pain Quiz- Test your Knowledge & How a Hot Tub Can Help 1. What is the most common reason of back injury?

1. Heavy Lifting

2. Accident/Fall

3. Poor Posture

4. Improper body mechanics

5. lack of stretching/ warm up

Answer- Heavy Lifting. All above answers are causes of back injury, heavy […]


My Favorite Bath Activity? Doing Absolutely Nothing!


Evenings are the time to unwind, relax, and prepare for sleep. A hot bath helps us to let go of the tensions of a busy day- both mental and physical tensions. Sometimes the transition of “doing” and “thinking” a thousand things during our crazy,chaotic days to “being or experiencing” a meditative […]


Benefits of Hot Tub Yoga in Cold Weather

Benefits of Hot Tub Yoga in Cold Weather

As the weather turns cold during the autumn and winter months, it can take a toll on our bodies. Many experience stiff and achy joints that lead to a more sedentary and less active lifestyle. This lack of physical activity can add to the many negative […]


Make Your Own Aromatherapy Shower Discs

An aromatherapy shower disc (also called shower soothers) is a great way to enjoy the steamy scents that you love as you shower. Place the disc (or puck) in the corner floor of your shower so the hot water hitting it releases the aroma as it dissolves. This soothing vapor mist is especially nice to […]


Arthritis Hand & Wrist Exercises While in Your Hot Tub

Arthritis Hand & Wrist Exercises As You Soak

According to the Arthritis Foundation, 1 in 5 Adults are affected by arthritis making it the leading cause of disability in the US. Carpal Tunnel syndrome affects the wrists of 4-10 million Americans. Soaking in your tub can relax muscles & bring added circulation and […]


Great Gift Giveaway! Bathtub Yoga Kit

Great Gift- Bathtub Yoga Kit

Enter to win a chance 4 Bathtub Yoga kits! A Great gift- Bathtub Yoga Kits make fantastic gifts for your family, friends and even for yourself. Bathtub Yoga Kits make wonderful gifts because you are giving the gift of wellness, relaxation and self-care. Our kits were developed by a certified […]


Forest Bathing- a Different Way to Take a Bath

Practice Shinrin-yoko by visiting a forest. Forest Bathing

In Japan a forest bathing trip is called Shinrin-yoku. It involves spending some leisurely time in the forest for stress relief, focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. One emerges feeling refreshed, washed, healthier and happier.

The positive effects of nature, specifically a forest, […]


Hot Tub Yoga-2 Surprising Ways to Reduce Low Back Strain

Most people with low back issues think the solution is to strengthen the muscles in their back, and while this is partially true, there are 2 other often overlooked important components to reduce low back strain. If you have low back pain, check with your doctor before exercising.




#1 . Strengthen […]


Free Hot Tub Yoga DVD Give-away

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers, and Thank you to all who entered the Mother’s Day Giveaway Drawing.

Announcing the 3 lucky winners from random drawing–

Laura LaMantia

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& Virginia Walter

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