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6 Reasons to Breathe Long , Slow, and Deep

yoga breathing technique 1. Shallow breathing cheats your body of optimal oxygen intake and is inefficient and does not remove all gaseous wastes. Shallow breathers tend to breath more from their chest instead of breathing fully into their abdomen.   A yoga breathing technique: Breath thru your nostrils on inhalation and exhalation.

2.  Stronger, deeper breaths result in a stronger stimulation of the lymph nodes and vessels in the region of our lungs.  This can help to remove a build up of   stagnant fluid, boosting your  immune system

3.  Longer breaths can quickly elevate your mood!

4.  Slower breathing is calming to our nervous system. This can improve the quality of your sleep, relax, and relieve stress.

5.  Increased oxygen saturation in your blood can help your body break down and eliminate toxins at a cellular level and promote healing.

6  Deep breathing can actual increase our pH alkaline level to a healthier state.

The Bathtub Yoga program includes 2 guided meditations including breath work. It’s a great way to practice slow deep breathing in the warmth of your tub!  Eventually practice can result in deep breathing coming routine.

For more information about breathing and restorative yoga see:

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