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Post-Workout Stretching- In Your Hot Tub

Many People skip stretching after exercising- I mean, in the name of saving time how important is it really?  Let’s look.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion with post exercise stretching.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion with post exercise stretching.

Increasing Flexibility

During a strength training workout our muscles contract & small tears occur in the muscle fibers. When we rest, the fibers rebuild forming a stronger muscle. When we stretch after exercise, we lengthen the muscle over time to adapt to the increased demand. This lengthened muscle will give us more freedom of movement and optimizes our flexibility. If we leave the muscle in a shortened state, it will heal in a shortened state resulting in a bulky but less usable, constricted muscle. The goal is a flexible strength!

Increasing Range of Motion

As we age we become stiffer, less mobile, more prone to injury. Stretching after a workout can counteract this by increasing our range of motion. A good example is our shoulders, one of the most complex joints in the human body. Think: Use it or Loose it! If  our shoulders are not stretched regularly- in all  4 directions- we loose the joints ability to perform optimally. When we are tight and restricted, we feel less likely to even want to move- spiraling downward to even less movement.

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