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My Favorite Bath Activity? Doing Absolutely Nothing!


Yoga teaches us that slow breathing is your doorway to a peaceful mind.

Evenings are the time to unwind, relax, and prepare for sleep. A hot bath helps us to let go of the tensions of a busy day- both mental and physical tensions. Sometimes the transition of “doing” and “thinking” a thousand things during our crazy,chaotic days to “being or experiencing”  a meditative state of peaceful,quiet stillness can be more challenging than you’d expect! Here’s 4 easy steps that can lead you into the process of relaxation- the gift we yearn for:  doing nothing.

1. Scrub your entire body with exfoliating gloves or brush as you relax in your hot bath. The sensation helps to transition to body awareness (instead of” thinking” about our daily concerns) See 5 Quick Tips for Healthy Skin

2.  Use a favorite essential oil in your bath. This automatically encourages your breathing to slow and calm. See Essential Oils for the Bath ans Skin

3.  Stillness.  Recline and get comfortable. Close your eyes. Allow your breath to flow freely in and out. As you maintain your awareness on the flow of your breath a restful sense of stillness will emerge in a few minutes.  Allow your breath to be smooth, deep, and effortless. Calm breath= Calm mind. See: 6 Reasons to Breath Long, Slow, and Deep

4. Systematic Muscle Relaxation. The order of progression is to move your attention, or awareness from head to toes. As you travel to each area of the body relax any muscle tension and direct 1 or 2 breaths to that area. Feels wonderful! ( Crown of the head, forehead, eyes, cheeks & jaw, throat, shoulders, arms and hands, back & chest, abdomen, hips, legs, feet, toes)

Emerge from your bath renewed, relaxed, and calm.

These steps and more can be found in the Bathtub Yoga Program, set to beautifully relaxing music.


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