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Make your own natural seaweed bath soak

Seaweed, or kelp can provide nourishing minerals to your bath for a wonderful detoxifying soak.

Making your own bath salts can be easy, save money, and provide you with a luxurious bath experience. Seaweed added to your bath can gently nourish your skin with beneficial minerals and nutrients of the sea. They can also help to draw out impurities to detoxify. Your skin will feel soft and silky  and your muscles relaxed after your soak. Seaweed is also known for it’s healing properties for dry, flaking skin.

I made a batch of natural seaweed bath salts as a gift for my girlfriend who moved away from the California coastline and misses her  barefoot walks on the beach. The salts even smell a bit like the ocean, so I gave it the name to the name “Ocean of Bliss” on the tag. I used a air-tight canning jar to store the salts (recycling an old jar is great when you can)  & then decorated with a shells and a natural sea sponge. I also included a  CD of soft music with the sound of ocean waves and seagulls in the background. She loved it!  I also included a small muslin pouch, or sachet bag. This eliminates messy tub clean up after.

Ingredients are pretty easy to find. I got the sea salt (non-iodized) version from the local health food store, along with a small bulk bag of powdered kelp. (It’s a fine green powder). Epsom salts could be substituted for the sea salt, or you could use dead sea salt if you can find it.

Recipe:  1 cup Sea Salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup powdered kelp. Optional- 15 drops of your favorite essential oil.   Mix together and store in jar. Directions:use 1 cup per bath, placing it into the muslin bag. add to running hot bath water to release the nutrients.Soak for about 20 min.

The Bathtub Yoga CD compliments your special “me” time in the tub with easy yoga poses, guided meditation, or an exfoliating lymphatic self massage.  Feels wonderful and is deeply relaxing!

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