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Hot Tub Yoga-2 Surprising Ways to Reduce Low Back Strain

   Most people with low back issues think the solution is to strengthen the muscles in their back, and while this is partially true, there are 2 other often overlooked important components to reduce low back strain. If you have low back pain, check with your doctor before exercising.




               #1 . Strengthen Your Core-

Having strong abdominal muscles can improve & protect your low back. Think of your abdominal muscles wrapping around your mid-section to create a “girdle” of support & protection. Crunches are the most traditional method to strengthen  this area.   In the Hot Tub Yoga Program there are several core strengtheners you can practice as you enjoy your soak.Pictured here is core plank in the water. I suggest you hold it for about 1 min, or work slowly up to a one minute hold. For a great one minute video on Hot Tub Yoga Core Plank see:

For core strengtheners on land, see:





                                                                                #2. Stretch your Hamstrings-

Your hamstring muscles, located at the back of your thighs are one of the tightest muscle groups in the body. When they are overly tight they pull our pelvis downward and out of alignment. This restricts our ability to move easily and fluidly.There are several ways to stretch our hamstrings- a standing forward bend or a seated forward bend are the most common. Pictured here on land is a partner assisted reclined hamstring stretch. Pictured also in the Hot Tub Yoga is a seated Hamstring stretch using a strap. The hot water helps to loosen and lengthen our muscles and connective tissue, making it easier to stretch. When stretching keep your knee straight if possible. To view a short video on a great kneeling hamstring stretch in your hot tub see:





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