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Giveaway! Win a Bathtub Yoga Kit!

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce a giveaway! You can win one of 5 Bathtub Yoga kits (valued at $29.99 each)! Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a fun and unique gift (maybe to Mom?) is up to you.

Bathtub Yoga GiveawayHere are the rules:

  • The giveaway is open from Friday, April 20 to Sunday, May 13 at 4pm Mountain Time.
  • To enter, you must leave a comment on this post. Your comment must include your email address so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner. You will need to provide us with a valid US shipping address at that time if a winner. We respect your privacy and will not give out or sell your email to others.
  • Your comment must also answer one of the following questions: (1) “If you love baths, what do you do to guarantee a fantastic bath experience? (2)”  If  you practice yoga, how do you bring other parts of Yoga into your life?”  or  (3) “What would you like about bathtub yoga?”
  • Only one entry per person.
  • You agree to be on our email newsletter list

The winner will be selected and announced on Sunday, May 13 at 5pm Mountain Time. The winning comment will be selected using

Thanks to all of you who have helped us grow!

Susan & Bathtub Yoga

P.S. Invite your friends to enter!


168 comments to Giveaway! Win a Bathtub Yoga Kit!

  • Debbie Sheldon

    Hi, I think what I would like the most about bathtub Yoga is the chance of combining something relaxing, warm and pleasant with something that I don’t always think of as relaxing or pleasant: exercise! Great idea!

  • Linda Adams

    I think this would be ideal for my fibromyalgia. It would have dual benefit. One– relax those stressed painful muscles and two stretch and lengthen muscles so they aren’t so cramped. I would think it would be beneficial for those who have arthritis or any other musculoskeletal problems as well.

  • sarah weeks

    I live in Seattle and I wish I could go swimming more often. Just being in water is so healing.

    I connect yoga and being in a bath because they are both different but exhilarating ways to experience your muscles, your body.

  • Bobbie Carll

    Lovely idea Susan. If I should win I will give it to my friend who has fibromyalga and can really use it.

  • Leslie

    As a life-long lover of a warm bath at the end of the day, I think this is a wonderful idea. I stretch and bend in my big claw foot bathtub and have some of my best thoughts and ideas in the tub. Now that I have MS, it is even more important to stretch and move and I rely on my bathtub as a vehicle for that. Keep me posted as I want to know more about this great idea.

    Thanks again,


  • Brenda

    I love what Susan has created with bathtub yoga!!
    Since I love to encourage my mother to take care of her body and I don’t have a tub at home anyway, I’d love to give it to her!

  • yea Susan such an awesome idea, love the bathtub yoga!
    Love Jackie

  • karen

    I’m a “newbie” to yoga, and just watching the video relaxed me! I’m learning how to relax (especially in my own head) and the bathtub seems as if it would be the PERFECT place to learn how to relax. Now, if I could just win the kit to help me…… ;)

    • Susan

      Hi Karen,
      Bathtub Yoga is great for beginners. And you are so right on: relaxation happens as much in your mind as it does in your body. Breath is key to the whole equation. Good Luck!

  • Judy Borich


    I just know this idea is taking off! I love, love, love, my bath and combining it with yoga before meditating makes it a whole package. Thank you.

    with love and a hug,


  • Elizabeth

    Such a great idea and what a great gift for mothers or daughters! Beautiful work!

  • Spanda

    I teach fitness to seniors, mostly over 80 years of age.
    We incorporate yogic breathing, seated, supine & standing yoga poses as gentle stretches. I have created a restorative yoga class on large floor mats and therapy platforms for sturdy seniors to fragile elders. We do chest openers, hip openers, arms overhead and “butterfly” poses to regain posture and height. It is a terrific de-stressor and boosts the immune system. I use doorways, chair lunges, bed and wall poses throughout the day. Thanks for your creativity! Namaste.

    • Susan

      Hi Spanda,
      What your doing sounds so beneficial for seniors. Thank you for you contribution to an age group often overlooked! Good luck!

  • I love Yoga and I love Baths ! What a perfect combo. Stretching and relaxing in warm water is the best way to start or end my day. Thanks Susan !

  • Lucy T Bryson


    This idea is great. What a perfect way to combine two things I love doing after working at the barn all day. A nice warm bath and stretching with yoga poses. Keep up the good work.

    • Susan

      Yep, it’s like the dessert after hard physical activity or sport, getting to kick back and let the tension and tightness melt away!Thanks Lucy, and good luck!

  • Hi Susan, I would LOVE to win a bathtub yoga kit..Because of an injury to my knee, I can do longer do yoga (I can do it, but it’s Painful)..Would love to do it in my bathtub…Thank you for doing this give away:)

  • jane

    Hi Susan,

    I would love to win the bathtub Yoga kit. I have been doing Yoga for almost 10 years and love it. I started to take some classes to become an instructor. Unfortunately, I hurt my neck and back and have not been able to do yoga for the past few months. Since I haven’t been able to do yoga, I don’t feel myself at all. It feels terrible. Thank you. Jane

    • Susan

      Hi Jane,
      Injuries can be a set back physically, and challenging for sure. Meditation might shine some light on insight about it. Good luck on your healing and the drawing!

  • Liza Doran

    Hola Susan,

    We are water. Fluidity . Reflection happens in and on water. Love, Liza

  • Georgia Davenport

    As a new mother, I have to combine a lot of activities because I don’t have time to do each one separately. I think bathing and yoga are perfectly complementary too! This idea is both a time saver and a great relaxation technique.

  • Cher

    I will answer #2. I am a horseback rider and have incorporated yoga into my life by doing it on top of my horse. I call it Equine Yoga or Yoga on a moving mat.
    There is nothing more incredible than being on top of this big animal, developing a trust, strength and balance. The wind in my hair, sun on my face, and listening to the birds sing is shear pleasure. Best of all is watching my ranch raised yoga instructor(on a horse also)enjoy it as much as I do.

  • Darsi Olson

    Susan, I have done stretching/modified yoga and tai chi,while soaking at the hot springs for years. I also do a modified chi self=massage in the bathtub. Yoga in the bathtub is a most wonderful creation! I look forward to learning more! Happy health and peaceful blessings, Darsi

    • Susan

      So many people have mentioned to me that the warm water is just a natural place to stretch, without even thinking about it, so I like that about Bathtub Yoga. Good Luck!

  • Tamra Lavengoodj

    I love baths. I take a bath every night to relieve my restless leg syndrome. The water has to be nice and hot and the bath at least 15 min. Bath tub yoga would be perfect, it would be a beneficial use of my time.

    • Susan

      Hi Tamara,
      That’s great you’ve found something that helps. Leg extensions, where you straighten your leg and flex your foot, then fold forward may help with restless leg syndrome. Good Luck!

  • Susan Wise

    You are so creative and a gifted YOGA TEACHER..
    Bath tub yoga …can’t wait to try your ideas for putting together 2 things I love!
    Thanks for your new creative direction
    Susan Wise

  • Diane

    My two favorite indulgences, now combined! Typically, my favorite bath accesory is a glass of wine. However, with this idea, I could be easily persuaded to put down the glass to focus on my breath and bunbas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • As a Mother, Wife of a Police Officer and In home Child Care Provider, my life is full of stress. If it were not for yoga and my bathtub, I would need alot more therapy. To ensure a great bath time experience.. I bring in a candle or two. I bring in my computer and play meditation music and the best part, I am addicted to Lavender Epsom Salts. They not only have an aromatherapy boost, but they also help in muscle relaxation after a good hot yoga class. If on a weekend.. a glass of vino is a must.. on a weekday a cup of chamomile tea will suffice. Now that I have found your page.. adding the two I now have my, “Now why did I not think of that?” moments.. it’s the simple ideas that bring the most joy and I thank you for all of your posts, this opportunity to be a part of your drawing and I hope you have a peaceful day.. Namaste’

  • Kai Lee

    This would be an excellent help for my mother who suffers from low back pain. She had surgery and it’s helped relieve her of some of the discomfort, but not all of it.

  • Barbara

    After an arm injury, modified yoga stretches have helped me to maintain and regain strength during my healing. Bathtub yoga would be a wonderful addition to apply heat to the still tender parts during and after the stretching. Good luck with your new venture.

  • What I would like about Bathtub yoga is the lovely structure it would provide me to enjoy my bath, stretch my body, relax my mind and open my heart while being in the privacy of my own bath and coming into more peace.

    It’s such a lovely gift to myself and for others in my life. Blessings of gratitude for the idea and wishing you so much success!

    • Susan

      Thank you Shakti. I have heard several people comment about the bath being a place of “privacy” for practice that is such a luxury. Good Luck!

  • Tish Nelson

    I love a wonderful hot bath! I like to put candles and music on or read while in the tub. Thanks so much for doing bathtub yoga and adding to the serenity of my bath!

  • Shawna Long

    I’m excited to try this…what a great combination to soothe my achy joint pain at the end of the day. I’m so happy for you Susan. Thanks for making so many people feel good!

  • virginia

    I have been practicing yoga for the last three years-I have incorporated the art of yoga breathing into my daily life events-I did not think of incorporating yoga and bath time-how fun-I will keep this gift and share the benefits with others.

  • Cheryl Schlabach

    Soaking in the bath rub is one of my moswat ot relaxing moments. It is a time where I clear my mind and indulge in whatever thoughs come my way or no thoughts at all! It is a great time to honor who you are without validation. I would love to see what the yoga/bath combination offers. From the other comments above it seems quite wonderful!

  • Kristen Lowell

    I love to take a hot bath at the end of a long day. I turn out the lights and add an essential oil blend with some Epsom salts to help release tension. I also listen to meditation tapes or music to help relax while I am in the tub.

  • Jane Henson

    I have brought yoga to my life at bedtime, which sometimes includes a warm bath with scented bath salts, and candles. Once I am tucked in bed I start my sleep routine with a relaxation pose such as the ones we use at the end of class.I have found pausing at the end of my exhale and being mindful of my breath helps me let go of the day and fall asleep easier.

  • Michelle

    “What would you like about bathtub yoga?”

    As a disabled vet, bathtub yoga will allow me to incorporate this most healthy practice back into my life again on a more permanent basis.

    • Susan

      Thanks Michelle. I often hear people say they miss their yoga practice if they stray from it, often because of reasons out of their control. This is an accessible form of yoga for many.Good Luck!

  • Sharon Hilmes

    Sounds like a GREAT combination, bath AND yoga!! Can’t wait to try it!!

  • what a great way to combine two perfect ways to relax!!!

  • Jan Derck

    Susan -

    What a great idea. Usually after a long bike ride I stretch and then take a warm bath. With bathtub yoga I could do both at the same time!

  • sandy pruitt

    I love yoga while relaxing in the tub

  • Barbara

    What a great combination….relaxing bath and yoga. I am a “senior” and have recently taken restoration yoga classes because of back surgeries and arthritis. This will be the perfect combination for me and will also help lower my blood pressure. What a dream!

  • I love yoga, but have not done it for awhile. I have a stressful job and home life. I try to calm and restore balance but it isn’t working well. This might help to bring a balance to try to relax and work on me; even if only for a short time. Thank you for putting this out there.

  • Melissa Maxwell

    I love baths, I keep supplies in the bathroom for a relaxing experience; Theraband floating discs & 1/2 rolls of ethafoam for floating under my back & head. I also keep candles & epsom salts for warm eving lighting & softer water. I keep Neutrogena sesame oil ready for after bath to seal my skin w/ touch & moisture. I think what you have described sounds like a wonderful adjunct to my future bath enjoyment.

  • Linda C

    I would love to win the yoga bath giveaway, I love bubble baths, sadly I don’t take enough of them I let my busyness get in the way and I cheat myself out of a loving self care ritual. When I do get to take one I love candles and epsom salts and music to relax into; ok I’m about to cry because it’s been way too long. But I would enjoy winning such a lovely prize. thanks you.

  • Joyce Sester

    I have always used my bath in stretching & in yoga. I have arthritis so baths are an everyother day event.

  • Shelly Maycock

    I am so excited to try this. I love bath tubs and yogo, so that makes for great recovery therapy.

  • pam labouve

    I usually take a shower rather than a bath, eventhough they are enjoyable I just don’t take the time. I do practice yoga and as they years go by my practice has moved to one that is slower and more therapeutic. Bathtub yoga would give me the opportunity to slow down and make a bath a ritual. A great way to combine my love of yoga with water energy…I think it would be very therapeutic and relaxing!

  • Mai

    Thank you so very much for this great idea! I’ve had 2 major surgeries in 2009 & 2010, and still recovering to gain back endurance and strength. I never thought of combining yoga, stretching and a relaxing bath! I LOVE my tub time and am excited to give this a try. Thank you for your brilliance and encouragement to all. Cheers!

  • Ruth Ann Dunkerly

    If you practice yoga, how do you bring other parts of Yoga into your life?

    I bring yoga daily into my life first thing in the morning with sun salutations and by afternoon by my breathing when I am working at my desk (Mrigi Mudra). The breathing calms me after crazy phone calls or when my coworkers seem to get a little bothered by their work load. This brings me back to center.

    Happy stretching!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pamella

    I LOVE my yoga practice and which helps my rheumatoid arthritis however sometimes I don’t know if my stiffness and pain are from over loving yoga or an arthritis flare. Bathtub yoga sounds like a perfect way to sooth and relax. I have trouble sleeping so I will try this before bed – it sounds dreamy!!!!

  • terri carter

    I would love to win a bath tub yoga kit. I try to live the yamas and nayamas in my life, I use the oil before my bath as recommended by ayurvedia and while bathing do my yoga breathing.

  • Sherri Gregersen

    Susan, you are a blessing. Yoga has changed my life; I am no longer unsure, depressed, and useless feeling. Implementing yoga with the serenity and beauty of water is indeed inspirational. You have and will make so many people happy and filled with well being. Cheers my new friend. :)

  • joey

    i practiced hot yoga after breast cancer treatment, daily for 6 months to cleanse the toxins, years ago. Recently practiced again for a short time, and loved the benefits. but it is cost prohibitive. i have a deep jacuzzi tub, and your video and program explanation are the only close parallel to that cathartic practice. what a great combination. my daughter is a LBMT as well, so win, or purchase, i’ll share this with her.

  • When I first heard of bathtub yoga it sounded farfetched; (thinking of downward dog in a tub!!) After seeing the video, it makes sense! What a sweet idea! Warm muscles and clean inside and out! Thank you for putting this together!

  • Mary Beth Davis-Steyer

    What a great idea- I love it!

  • what a great idea, water is relaxing

  • Daphne

    What would I like about bathtub yoga?

    I’ll share everything I learn with two people (other than me) who start every day in a tub full of warm water:

    1. My 68 year old husband–who just took up competitive bodybuilding this year!

    2. My 84 year old dad who is combating his arthritis by joining a gym and working with a trainer…for the first time in his life; he’s been going for three months now!

  • Tracy

    If you practice yoga, how do you bring other parts of Yoga into your life?

    ~ Bringing yoga into other parts of my life has been a blessing not only to me, but also to my children. I am a single mom, head-of-household (for 2 years), work-at-home (21 years), full time grad student (in my last year of a professional counseling degree), and homeschooling mom. Finding time for myself is never easy. Yoga has provided me an opportunity to share with my children the lesson of taking time to care for one’s self. It is a reminder that taking care of me is not selfish it is benefit not only to me but also to those around me. My children know that when I am focused on my yoga session here at home that it is a time for me to focus & regroup. It’s not always easy to make the time, but it is a lesson I have learned. As my children watch me take this time each day, they are also taking time to focus on themselves in their own ways, either by spending time reading or practicing soccer which is their current interest. I hope that in time, they will even join me in yoga. I believe it would be a great blessing to them, as well. Yoga has helped me to remain focused on what needs to be done throughout my busy day without panicking when it seems like there is no end or it all goes crazy. I just stop, take a few deep breaths, maybe go through a few poses, and realize it will all be okay. We can do this!

    • Susan

      Hi Tracy,
      Honoring ourselves is such great role-modeling for our children. Sounds like Yoga has been such a gift in your life. Nameste, and Good Luck!

  • Lesa Miller

    I have just heard of bathtub yoga but it sounds very interesting since I love baths & yoga.To guarantee a fantastic bath experience I have been using bath products in my favorite scents. I enjoy meditating, using affirmations & visualizations while bathing with my favorite scents. Now I will go read up on bathtub yoga so I can visualize winning this kit! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Angela

    I love this idea! I am going to try it in my Jacuzzi. I am addicted to yoga.

  • Pam

    Since I have been doing yoga, I am more conscious of my posture, breathing, and how I just move through everyday life. I have done some stretching in the tub, (I am a bath person), but guess I never thought of it as yoga. Very neat concept. :)

  • Marilyn from Gladwin Michigan here.

    I do most of my best work in the tub (water is a wonderful conductor of energy). This is where I get many messages from my spirit guides and others. I think the Yoga while in this state will only increase the opening of the channel.

    This is a wonderful idea!!!

  • Kathy

    I love the idea of bathtub yoga, because you are combining two modes of relaxation and would have the benefits of warm water helping muscles stretch easier. I have been practicing yoga for 15 years and all this time have also practiced “shower yoga.” I do all the side stretches, shoulder stretches, and neck stretches, so I can imagine how lovely bathtub yoga would be.

    • Susan

      It’s a natural practice people have been doing for ages. I have just formalized it. The relaxed state is also a nice entry for meditation. Thanks Kathy, and Good Luck!

  • Treva B

    I practice in the evening after a long day of being in a chair at a desk. After svasanah, I’m relaxed and look forward to taking a long hot bath where I continue to stretch, massage and breathe love into my sore spots. Bathtub yoga sounds wonderful!

  • Elizabeth

    Bath tub yoga sounds like a divine mix of the best of relaxation practices. Bliss in the tub cannot be beat. I would be grateful to receive this reward:)

  • Tammy Sanchez-Kern

    I have Fibromyalgia and severe arthritis in both legs and in addition I have an as yet undiagnosed issue that causes severe muscle spasms in my legs an pelvic floor. The only thing that provides relief is getting in the shower and letting the hot water ease them. I think the combination of doing yoga and the benefit of warm water is an excellent idea for anyone with health issues.

  • Janice

    Sitting in an office chair through out the day for the last few years has really made my range of motion minimul. I take baths with soft music and scented bathsalts to help get rid of the stiffness and I think the bath tub yoga would help by improving my overall health.

  • Yoga and bubble baths, my two favorite things!

  • Susan

    I have been playing with a few poses in the bathtub for years! It is great to see that you have developed the idea. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Sherryl

    Hi Susan! I love the idea of this!! Every evening I take a long hot bath to “unwind” and let “peace” come over me after a stressful day…..and since I do practice yoga and meditation, what better combination?? Yoga AND a nice relaxing bath!!!!

    • Susan

      Thanks Sherryl,
      There is something about hot water and stress reduction. A popular part of the Bathtub Yoga program is the guided exfoliating self lymphatic massage.It’s about 9 min long, and heavenly.Good Luck!

  • Caitlin

    I love to stretch out in a nice, hot bath. What I would enjoy about bathtub yoga is the added flexibility it would give me to do that. I think it would make a bath that much better.

  • Chanell Hayes

    My lifestyle is extremely busy. I am a wife, a mother, a career employee with the Dept of Defense and I own several small businesses (Home Care, Catering, Marketing & Mgmt, and Commodities). I am always looking for way to relieve the stress of a busy day while maximizing my time doing so. I stumbled across your page and thought to myself “Wow, what a great idea!” two stress relieving activities combined into one. I look forward to the experience and to sharing it with many.

    Chanell Hayes

  • Laura LaMantia

    I have a garden tub in my bathroom and insist on beginning every single day with a bath. I would rather wake up an extra 1/2 hour early in the morning than go w/o my bath. My tub is surrounded with w/all of the elements as I had a fireplace installed in the wall at the foot of the tub and sit surrounded by minerals, gems, candles and salts while the stereo plays relaxing music. My most recent addition was a plug-in scented oil burner!
    I have a lot of back problems and just recently began yoga to strengthen my core and stretch under-used muscles resulting from a desk job. It never occurred to me that these two wonderful things could be combined! I can’t wait to try bathtub yoga!!! What a fantastic idea!!!

  • emilie hamilton

    since I already love to meditate in the bathtub I would simply need to learn your yoga techniques to try bathtub yoga ~ sounds relaxing.

  • Beryl

    I love the thought of yoga in the tub. I work as a massage therapist and am always looking for new ways to help my clients relax and work out their spasm. I am also working towards a degree which will eventually allow me to become a dr. of oriental medicine and love the fact of helping people to help themselves.

    Great ideas.

  • Susan Dever

    For years now I’ve had Yoga in a deep recess of my mind. This sounds like a wonderful way to start. Thank you for sharing your video. I would love to win the starter kit ! Thank you so much ..

  • Lets just say my short list of things that don’t hurt are my C 1 – C 2 disc on my neck. My long list would not fit on this page. So if there are things I can do to relieve even a little pain, it’s worth doing. During my showers, water heals in so many ways. And also relaxes the sore areas. I groom furbabies for a living and always massage them during their baths, which relaxes them and they feel so good afterwards that they strut their new doos. This really works for cats as well. So we as humans also need to learn new ways to help our body along. Thank you for sharing.
    Love & Light

  • Robyn Arregui

    As a single mom of two young girls bath time is one of the few moments I get to myself in a day. After I get the girls tucked into bed I run a hot bath and usually add some scented oil to the water to help me relax and soften my skin. I love yoga so the idea of combining the two makes perfect sense! :) love this idea!

    • Susan

      Hi Robyn,
      Bathtub Yoga is a great way to end the day and set yourself up for a great night’s sleep. It also provides that much needed “me” time.Good Luck!

  • I love it! Really great idea especially during the New Moon and Full Moons!!

  • Elisa Knataitis

    There are two things I like about baths…..BUBBLES & some great smelling bubble bath soaps to totally smell good and relax! I like yoga to stretch, breath and calm the stress levels!

  • Cheryl Hale

    I love Yoga. Bathtub Yoga looks so delicious I can hardly wait to try it. I had a stroke several years ago and yoga helps to stretch out my tight muscles and ease some of the pain in my lower back and hips.
    Good luck to us all.

  • Melissa Mosley

    Yoga is one of the Best things in my life. It feels good and yoga people are my kind of people. The Yoga retreat at the hot springs was such a wonderful experience. If my bathtub or hot tub can provide a similar experience that can only be great!

  • Cathy Storm

    Hello Susan, As an evening indulgance I practice my mix of bubblebathing, relaxation, and stretching. Sometimes while the bubble unwind my body and daily streses, I will read a good book or pray. A good game of electronic solitaire has sometimes created an unwinding effect. Because of my medical problems I was required to take a Mindful class, which included beginning yoga moves. Since it was beginner I could accomplish the moves. then I found out I enjoy medication and have practiced this unknowingly. The combination of taking mindful medication and yoga stretches then practicing this during my bubblebath…. WOW it really works… Then I find your site, so exciting and now a contest to maybe win…. Thanks for all of the blessings you will add to my relaxation…. <3 Oh and I would LOVE to win, what a bonus that would be :)

  • Peggy

    These old creaky knees need would like to know how it feels to work properly again .I think your yoga kit just might do the trick.I need something to unwind my mind and learn to really feel relaxed.

  • Patsy Tarver

    My favorite bath time is when I can light some candles, put on soft music and bubbles in the tub. All my stress seems to melt away and I am so relacked. I could really use this!

  • Susan Fisher

    I have enjoyed my nightly relaxing bath for several years now. I use candles, amoratherapy oils, sugar/salt scrubs and soothing music to enhance my experience. I have practiced Yoga for many years to relax and stay balanced. I would love to combine the two! Sounds like a great kit! Thank you.

  • Pat Hoenninger

    I love to practice Yoga. My body feels great, stretched and relaxed after a yoga session. I love to take a nice warm bath. My body feels so relaxed after a bath. To combine the both sounds like a fantastic experience. What a great idea. I cannot wait to try it out. Thank You, Susan.

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