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Forest Bathing- a Different Way to Take a Bath

Practice Shinrin-yoko by visiting a forest.

Forest Bathing

In Japan a forest bathing trip is called Shinrin-yoku. It involves spending some leisurely time in the forest for stress relief, focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. One emerges feeling refreshed, washed, healthier and happier.

The positive effects of nature, specifically a forest, can provide health benefits both for our emotional and physical well being .Trees emit substances called phytoncides (wood essential oils) which help protect the tree from insects and microbes. These organic antimicrobial compounds like a-pinene and limonene (think aromatherapy) can also “bathe” our bodies as we stroll at a relaxed pace. No wonder I feel so good after time in nature! Studies done in Japan have show health benefits include lowering of blood pressure, stress management, and increasing our immune function. To find out more about forest bathing visit:

for more ideas on stress management see: Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

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