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Essential Oils for the Bath and Skin

Caution: Essential oils are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Essential oils should not be used undiluted directly on the skin, or used on broken skin. Avoid getting in eyes. A good rule of thumb is to add 12 drops to each l oz. of carrier oil. Use 6-12 drops for a soak in the tub. The warmth of the bath water will intensify the effects of the aroma.

lavender oil

Lavender oil is most beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and burns.

Essential oils can enhance our mood or emotional outlook as well as our physical well being. The aroma of the essential oil can stimulate the human brain to trigger a reaction supplying therapeutic benefits:

Bergamot- soothing, uplifting. Use for depression, anxiety, psoriasis, and stress.

Chamomile- relaxating, meditation. Use for insomnia, arthritis, and stress.

Clary Sage- balancing, relaxating. Use for exhaustion.

Eucalyptus- stimulating. Use for arthritis, bronchitis, and sinusitis.

Geranium- aphrodisiac, stimulating. Use during menopause.

Grapefruit- energizing, uplifting.

Lavender- balancing, relaxing. Use for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and burns.

Lemon- balancing, relaxing.

Orange- balancing, relaxing. Use for stress.

Rosemary- balancing, relaxing. Use for aching muscles.

Rose- balancing, relaxing. Use for depression, mature skin, and eczema.

For more information about oils see What Oil is Best for My Skin Type?

Or go to Aroma Therapeutix to stock up.


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