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Easy to Make Bath Salts-Cocoa Butter Peppermint Holiday Gift Idea

Inspired by peppermint patties, these holiday bath salts are fun to make. Bonus- cocoa butter is a great moisturizer for your skin in the bath.

Remember those thin chocolate covered peppermint patties? They were the inspiration for these easy to make bath salts, and a fun idea for holiday gifts.  I recently discovered Cocoa Butter. I purchased it at the health food store, opened the jar and took a whiff.  Simply divine smell!! Enjoy the scent of chocolate –Zero calories! Turns out cocoa butter is a great natural moisturizer for dry skin and is safe to use even on sensitive skin. Cocoa butter’s popular for use on sunburns, chapped skin, scar tissue, and stretch marks. Cocoa butter has a pale yellow color and liquefies with heat. Perfect to mix with Epsom salts for the “white” part of the candy cane. I melted 1 tsp cocoa butter in the microwave about 30 sec and mixed with 1 cup salts. Stir well together to coat the salts and set aside.

Next, the red portion is is made using red food coloring with Epsom salts. Add a few drops at a time and really stir well . Keep adding drops and stirring till you get desired color. I added 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to 1 cup of salts, and again stir well. If the person using these salts does have sensitive skin, then skip the peppermint as it is a stronger essential oil. Now you are ready to layer.

The glass container you use should have a tight sealing lid. I think taller containers show off the layering nicely. You can get creative and tip the jar as you layer to get the “side-ways” effect. After you add one color, dip a spoon down into the container to get a smooth look to that layer, and repeat with the other color. Decorate with tag, bow, and candy cane if you like.

Directions might say add 1 cup of salts to hot running water in the bath. Immerse and Enjoy!

Epsom salts help relieve minor aches and muscle soreness. They also have a detoxifying effect for our body and can help us to sleep well. See more about benefits of Epsom bath salts at: Epsom Salt Detoxifying Soak

If you or someone you know is a bath lover, consider the Bathtub Yoga Kit as a gift!  This CD audio guided program includes 17 yoga poses, meditation, and lymphatic massage (feels wonderful)  Give the gift of health! Experience more limber joints, deep relaxation, and a great night’s sleep after!

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