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Easy Ginger Detox Bath

Adding fresh or dried ginger to the bath is a easy way to increase sweating and detoxifying.

Ever feel the need to detoxify? Perhaps you over did the holiday drinking & eating  or a prolonged period of stress? A detox bath with ginger can increase heat levels in the body. This  ups the level of sweating which removes toxins and flushes out our pores. Ginger has anti-inflammatory & anti oxidant qualities. Ginger’s wonderfully aromatic fragrance can help to shake cold and flu symptoms by revving up your immune system.

Fresh grated ginger (1/2 cup) or powdered ginger (1 Tblsp) can be used. Put the ginger in a pan of water and boil for 10 min. Let it steep for another 10 min or more. Strain and add to hot running bath water. Immerse yourself into this wonderful warmth and sweat for about 20 min!  Increase the detoxifying effects by adding 1 cup of Epsom salts and some deep breathing as you relax back!

Drink plenty of water before & after your bath. Maybe enjoy a cup of ginger tea for clearing congestion of stimulating good digestion. Once you get out your skin may be pink, circulation stimulated. If you have sensitive skin do a skin test first for reactivity. You may continue to sweat for 1/2 hr or more after your bath. Prepare to sleep like a baby after!

To increase you immune/lymphatic flow during the bath see:How Lymphatic Self Massage Can Keep You Healthy

or: Epsom Salt Detoxifying Soak

As a great addition, check out the Bathtub Yoga Program which includes an exfoliating lymphatic massage and detoxifying seated twists in the yoga program!


For more about ginger baths see:



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