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Welcome to the Bathtub Yoga blog! This blog is curated by Susan Atkinson, founder of Bathtub Yoga. It's full of resources, tips, insight and ways to get the most out of your Bathtub Yoga experience. Please poke around and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!

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My Favorite Bath Activity? Doing Absolutely Nothing!

Yoga teaches us that slow breathing is your doorway to a peaceful mind.


Evenings are the time to unwind, relax, and prepare for sleep. A hot bath helps us to let go of the tensions of a busy day- both mental and physical tensions. Sometimes the transition of “doing” and “thinking” a thousand things during our crazy,chaotic days to “being or experiencing” a meditative [...]


Healing Water Bath Ritual

"Water is a conduit for intuition, whether it be a shower or a great sea. Whenever you are around water it amplifies intuition. The body is the perfect intuitive receptor because it is two-thirds water. Intuition is a fluid movement, a wave movement, and the body is constantly moving in waves." Judith Orloff, [...]


Benefits of a Hot Bath & Why it Feels So Good!

A hot soak encourages the deeper flow of blood and lymph throughout the body as vessels dilate. Endorphins are also released as our body temperature rises.

A hot bath, or soak in hot water raises our body temperature. Several benefits of this rise include: Improved blood circulation, Improved lymph circulation, detoxification, increased metabolism and [...]


Make Your Own Aromatherapy Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender bath salts are a popular favorite with young and old bath lover's before bedtime.

Lavender has a calming influence on our mood, making it a natural with bathing, especially in the evening. The name lavender is derived from the latin verb– “Lavare”– to wash. see: Bathing with Lavender Can you guess what [...]


Anti-aging Green Tea Bath Salts\ Handmade Bath Salts

The antioxidant benefits of green tea make a wonderful anti-aging bath salt soak!

Adding green tea to your bath salts can add a “zen” theme to your bath. The antioxidant rich qualities of green tea will enhance your skin with anti-aging benefits. Add some quiet moments of meditation or reflection in the bath [...]


Bathing with Lavender

The name lavender is derived from the latin verb– “Lavare”– to wash. In medieval Europe wash women were known as “lavenders” because they spread the laundry over lavender plants to dry for the scent it gave. No wonder then that lavender has been such a favorite in the bath.

Studies have shown that bathing [...]