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Healing Water Bath Ritual

"Water is a conduit for intuition, whether it be a shower or a great sea. Whenever you are around water it amplifies intuition. The body is the perfect intuitive receptor because it is two-thirds water. Intuition is a fluid movement, a wave movement, and the body is constantly moving in waves." Judith Orloff, [...]


Fizzing Beer Lime Bath Salts-Really?/Make your own

Therapeutic and medicinal properties of beer, lime, and sea salts make an awesome combo!

Beer baths have been popular in Europe for years, costing up to $60 a bath. They claim the beer will soften the skin, make it more elastic, and promote tissue metabolism. It is touted as great for psoriasis, eczema, [...]


Chamomile Bath Salt Pillows\Make Your Own Arthritis Remedy

These chamomile bath salt "pillows" are easy to make and can be tossed into a hot running bath for soothing anti-inflammatory benefits.

My mom has arthritis, and I wanted to make her a gift of bath salts for soothing joint pain. Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a great addition to the warm [...]


Make Your Own Aromatherapy Lavender Bath Salts

Lavender bath salts are a popular favorite with young and old bath lover's before bedtime.

Lavender has a calming influence on our mood, making it a natural with bathing, especially in the evening. The name lavender is derived from the latin verb– “Lavare”– to wash. see: Bathing with Lavender Can you guess what [...]


Anti-aging Green Tea Bath Salts\ Handmade Bath Salts

The antioxidant benefits of green tea make a wonderful anti-aging bath salt soak!

Adding green tea to your bath salts can add a “zen” theme to your bath. The antioxidant rich qualities of green tea will enhance your skin with anti-aging benefits. Add some quiet moments of meditation or reflection in the bath [...]


Handmade Bath Salts Foot Soak Gift Basket

"Rock-On" Foot Bath Soak Gift Basket you can make yourself. Eucalyptus or invigorating peppermint. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Most of us have tired feet at the end of the day. What a treat it is to soak them in a hot foot bath while relaxing in the evening! This gift basket theme can [...]


Make your own natural seaweed bath soak

Seaweed, or kelp can provide nourishing minerals to your bath for a wonderful detoxifying soak.

Making your own bath salts can be easy, save money, and provide you with a luxurious bath experience. Seaweed added to your bath can gently nourish your skin with beneficial minerals and nutrients of the sea. They can also [...]


Make Your Own Bath Salts\Lemon Drop Bath Salt Cookies

Great gift idea- Lemon Drop Bath Salt Cookies. They smell so good—hard to believe you can't eat them!


Know someone who loves to take Baths? Loves Lemon? These easy to make bath treats look edible, smell wonderful, but dissolve into hot running bath water for an energizing bath experience! The first two [...]


Easy Bath Tea Bags

Bath tea bath or bath sachets are fun to make and a great way to give yourself some TLC or easy to make gifts.

Flower petals and herbs floating in the tub are pretty, but messy to clean up and clog the drain. That’s where bath tea bags come to the rescue. The warmth of [...]