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Arthritis Hand & Wrist Exercises While in Your Hot Tub

Arthritis hand and wrist exercises

Arthritis Hand & Wrist Exercises As You Soak

According to the Arthritis Foundation, 1 in 5 Adults are affected by arthritis making it the leading cause of disability in the US. Carpal Tunnel syndrome affects the wrists of 4-10 million Americans. Soaking in your tub can relax muscles & bring added circulation and [...]


Chamomile Bath Salt Pillows\Make Your Own Arthritis Remedy

These chamomile bath salt "pillows" are easy to make and can be tossed into a hot running bath for soothing anti-inflammatory benefits.

My mom has arthritis, and I wanted to make her a gift of bath salts for soothing joint pain. Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a great addition to the warm [...]


Arthritis and Bathtub Yoga

arthritis and bathtub yoga

Warm baths help to loosen and relax tight muscles and joints that are chronically achy and Bathtub Yoga can be a helpful supplement to those experiencing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis.

The Arthritis Association encourages water exercise to arthritis sufferers.

Water exercise is especially good for people with osteoarthritis, which affects the body’s [...]