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Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Your Skin

jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is really more of a wax than an oil, and its similarities to skin's natural oils make it great for all sorts of uses.

Pronounced ho-ho-ba, this oil is really not oil at all, but a liquid wax! Since it is composed of wax esters it is very stable and does not deteriorate or go rancid like many other oils. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The structure of jojoba oil closely resembles the oil of the human skin, sebum. It is highly penetrating & nourishing oil rich in Vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants. It can be used on the face, skin and scalp as it doesn’t feel greasy and is ideal to use after a soak in the tub.

Jojoba oil is used in treating many skin conditions including acne (it won’t clog pores!), epidermal fungi, skin psoriasis and hair loss. Great for mature, aging skin, it also helps keep wrinkles at bay with its moisturizing benefits! Treat yourself with a warm jojoba oil massage after some bathtub relaxation.

For more information, see The Jojoba Company.

For more information on using other beneficial oils for the skin go to: What’s the Best Oil for My Skin Type?


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