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Bathtub Yoga Makes a Splash at the BeWell Expo

Exhibit display for Bathtub Yoga at the BeWell Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center.

The bewell Expo, a beauty and wellness show took place Sept 29th and 30th, 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Our booth featured a claw foot tub with a water fountain and soft music to set the mood for a” bath” experience. Wanting an interactive demo, we invited attendees to sit in the tub (dry in this case) to test out for themselves what it felt like to stretch and relax. Misting them with lavender water encouraged deep breathing, and relaxation. The tub was definitely a hit! We enjoyed getting to share with so many people about Bathtub Yoga and give free lavender bath salts to all who enjoy bath taking. Many purchased Bathtub Yoga kits as gifts for their family, friends, and of course themselves!

On the Body Demo Stage on Saturday Susan Atkinson (founder of Bathtub Yoga) gave a talk on “Exfoliating Lymphatic Massage”.  She emphasized how stress can affect physical and mental health and stated “Massage is a great way to counteract stresses of the day”.  All the audience received a pair of exfoliating gloves and we rolled up our sleeves, kicked off our shoes & got started!  From feet to head, working toward the heart, we learned about the natural flow of lymph fluid and how we can facilitate that flow to stay healthy. The audience was enthusiastic to learn and all left inspired to care for our bodies.

On Sunday Susan spoke again, “Breathing your way to deep relaxation”. She stated “Our breath can be a powerful tool in accessing deep levels of relaxation. This sense of relaxation is really a gift you can cultivate through meditative breathing. When our mind is clear and calm we can more easily connect to our own inner wisdom, healing, and light.” Then we all sat up tall in our chairs and closed our eyes as we were guided on a wonderful journey of breathing. By the end all felt relaxed and renewed.

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