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Back Pain Quiz-Test Your Knowledge & How a Hot Tub Can Help


Back Pain Quiz- Test your Knowledge & How a Hot Tub Can Help

1.  What is the most common reason of back injury?

1.  Heavy Lifting

2.  Accident/Fall

3.  Poor Posture

4.  Improper body mechanics

5.  lack of stretching/ warm up

Answer- Heavy Lifting.  All above answers are causes of back injury, heavy lifting is the most prevalent.

2.  True or False?  Often neglected, having strong abdominal/core muscles can play a crucial roll in back injury prevention?

Answer- True!  Strong core muscles act like a “corset” of support to keep you upright and reduce risk of back injuries.

cropped core

3.  If you only stretched one muscle group in your body to help back tightness, which one would it be? (clue- it’s not your back!)

Answer- Your Hamstrings- in the back of your thighs.  The Hamstrings tend to be some of the tightest muscles in your body. They attach to your pelvis, and when tight they pull the pelvis down, and out of alignment. The result is a stiff walk with less freedom of movement. See: Hot Tub Yoga- 2 surprising ways to reduce low back strain

cropped hamstring





4. Which of the following statements about your back is False?

a.  Back pain is more common the older you get

b.  Low back pain rarely improves on it’s own.

c.  Soaking in a hot tub can increase circulation to the back and provide pain relief and promote healing.

d.  Physical movement nourishes and lubricates our spine, so avoid sitting for long periods.

answer- b is false- Fortunately low back pain often gets better on it’s own. If your pain is not better in 72 hrs of injury, consult a doctor.  Up to 80% resolves itself within 4 to 6 weeks.

Back pain

Back pain







5.  Which is False?

a. Bed rest is the best cure for back pain.

b. Heat (as in hot tubs) can reduce muscle spasms. If “fresh” injury, wait to apply heat for 48-72 hrs if swelling is gone. Apply cold first.

c.  Stretching  & Yoga can improve posture, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Answer- a is false.  A day or 2 in bed can make your back worse!  Activity can provide relief with modifications made to not re-aggravate the tender area.

T or F? Each night as you sleep you actually “grow” over a 1/4 inch taller?

answer- True. As you rest during the night your spinal discs re-hydrate and “swell” without the compression or weight on our spine of being upright. Stand tall and breath well!

Enjoy this  3 min video on a Hot Tub Yoga stretches for spinal health as you relax in your hot tub!


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