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Acupressure Ball Basics

Using a tennis or racquet ball in the bathtub can be a great self-massage tool to bring circulation and relief to tired, sore muscles. Take care to not place ball directly under a bone or the spine. Instead place it alongside the spine, or in the softer muscle tissue areas. Also, do not place the ball on an existing bruise.

ball on back

You can use a ball behind your back while in the bathtub, as shown here between the model's back and a window.

Areas to try include the neck/shoulder region, the low back, the feet, the buttocks, and the side of the thigh (the IT band).

The warmth of the bath water can facilitate the ball to soften muscle adhesions. Experiment with pressure and movement. Remember to Breathe! Back off on pressure if painful.

Another way to use the ball for self-massage is to hold it in one hand & press it into muscle tissue. This can be great if you have compromised thumbs. Squeezing the ball can be useful to strengthen muscles of the hand.

Lastly, a tip to try out for the back. Place the ball inside the toe area of a long sock. Place it behind you in the low back region as you relax back in the tub. Press back into the ball. Inch it up, press back. Keep going all the way up the back of the spine. Feels Great!

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