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6 Best Yoga Poses While Showering

Most of us love our shower time- hot water cleansing, invigorating, waking us up time! The heat helps to stimulate our circulatory & lymphatic system. It also heats up our muscles and connective tissue- a great preparatory step for stretching and increasing our flexibility. By adding some yoga poses as you shower you can build a great habit alongside an already existing routine, thus enhancing both.  These 6 Easy Yoga Poses take only a few minutes to incorporate as you’re washing  & conditioning your hair or lathering up & rinsing off. You’ll feel great, and over time, increase your flexibility and core strength.

You can print your own copy of these poses,(click here for pdf) laminate them (or place sheet into a sealed clear waterproof bag) and then hang it in your shower to remind you of the poses. After a few times it will become effortless to incorporate this new habit into your showers.

Standing side stretch


 Standing Side Stretch– Slide one arm down your leg, lean, & reach the other arm overhead. Breathe. Repeat other side. Benefits: Stretches side waist, spinal flexibility, increases lung capacity.






Helicopter twist




Helicopter Twist Feet hip distance apart, knees bent. Both arms swing as you twist side to side with head following.  3x’s each side. Benefits: Lubricates spine, spinal flexibility, detoxifies.




Wall Back Bend




Wall Back Bend Interlace your hands behind, arms straight.  Press your arms against the wall. Stand tall, pull your shoulder back, arch & look up. 3 Breaths. Benefits: Energizes spine, opens chest & shoulder muscles.




Standing Quad Stretch





Standing Quad Stretch: Bend 1 knee and hold foot close to buttocks. Knees together. Chest lifts and pull shoulders back. 3 Breaths & switch legs. Benefits: Builds balance & bone density. Stretches quadriceps. (Take care not to slip- use wall if needed for balance.)



Abdominal Lift




Abdominal Lift:  Feet wider than hips, knees bent. Place hands above knees. Inhale and exhale all the air from lungs. Without breathing pull abdomen strongly in & up. Hold & Release.  3x’s. Benefits: Strengthens core, encourages good digestion.




Forward Bend

Forward Bend




Forward Bend:  Feet hip distance, fold forward, torso hanging down. Legs straight. Breathe. Bend knees& roll up. 3x’s.  Benefits: Stretches back body, especially hamstrings.




Enjoy! For more information about yoga poses to do in hot water, your Bathtub or Hot tub/Spa check out our programs. See other articles

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